Solar Statues Instructional Guide

Another question we often get asked is...  "I've received my Solar Statue, but I can't figure out how to get it working.  How do you switch it on?"


Solar Statues Switch

1.Switch to ON position

Well, first things first.  Please remember that your Solar Statues run on solar power, and will not work without sufficient charge in the battery (note: international customers will need to supply their own battery in some cases as strict aviation rules prohibit us from shipping batteries via air).

IMPORTANT: please be sure to only insert rechargeable batteries.  Failure to do so may result in damage to your solar statue.

In most cases, you will need to charge the battery in direct sunlight for at least a few hours, before you can expect to see any lasting performance. Set the power switch to the ON position - there should be no need to adjust after this point.


Solar Statues Charge

2. Charge for at least 6 hours in direct sunlight

Place your Solar Statue in a position where it will receive direct sunlight (approx 6-8 hours is ideal for the first charge).  This will provide enough energy to fully charge the solar battery.


Solar Statues Robot at Night

3. Statue will automatically switch on at night

Once charged, your Solar Statue will light up automatically at night time - thanks to the built in light sensor.  There is no need to remember to switch your statue on/off each day - this will happen automatically from now on, provided the statue receives sufficient sunlight.

You may notice that your Solar Statue will increase in intensity & duration after a few charge/discharge cycles.  This is a normal characteristic of batteries of this nature, and should be expected.

Please remember - performance of your Solar Statue will be affected by the amount of available natural light, with local conditions on some days (wet/cloudy) resulting in shorter battery life.

You can test the functionality of the lighting feature during the day by placing your hand over the solar panel, and therefore blocking out the light.  Note: Your Solar Statue will NOT light up during the day, even when switched on, if there is too much ambient light present.


  • Hi David, thanks for your comment regarding your Solar Rock Bluetooth Speaker. We have tried to reply to your email but the address you provided bounced. Please send us a message through our contact page and we will do our best to assist you.

    Solar Statues
  • I have the solar rock, it is currently connected to an apple device that is now dead.

    As the device died unexpectedly I was unable to disconnect it from the rock. Now I cannot pair the rock to my new iPad. Is there a way to reset the rock so that it can find a new device?

    I’ve taken out the battery, unplugged the solar panel and tried to hold the on button. None of this has worked.


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